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Knowledge Centre 5.5 million

Knowledge Centre notches up 5.5 million refresher training questions

Aerocare staff have answered 5.5 million refresher training questions through Aerocare’s Knowledge Centre software which quizzes staff on airline policies and procedures.

“Aerocare employees each answer ten questions per week tailored to their roles, and the total time answering questions is nearing two years, which is pretty staggering,” said Aerocare CEO Glenn Rutherford.

“The Knowledge Centre helps us ensure staff members are refreshed on key information and it constantly challenges them to research answers when they are unsure of the correct response.

“Knowledge Centre is one of Aerocare’s many market-leading systems and a key element of our highly respected training function,” Mr Rutherford said.

Around 5.5 million questions have been answered since the system was implemented in mid 2009.

Knowledge Centre has three key aspects:

  • All employees receive ten questions each week, tailored to their role and the airlines they support.
  • Managers can set quizzes for individual employees or groups on particular topics.
  • QuizIT is s fun competition between staff to see who can answer the most questions in a row correctly. The current all-time high score is 382 in a row!

Aerocare also recently launched a cloud-based resource optimisation system, AROS, along with a bag room dashboard and Aeroscan bag scanning system.

Aerocare is the largest ground handler within the Australian and New Zealand region, with more than 3,000 team members currently servicing 3,200 flights per week and 41,200 passengers per day.

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