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Aerocare staff overwhelmingly support new agreement with strong YES vote

Aerocare staff have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Aerocare Collective Agreement 2017 with a strong YES vote.

Aerocare CEO Glenn Rutherford said the ballot recorded a high participation rate of 88 per cent, with a resounding 83 per cent voting in favour of new four-year agreement which will deliver pay rises across the board.

“This is a strong endorsement of the improved wage conditions and other benefits we are offering and a very positive outcome for Aerocare staff and management who have worked together to reach an agreement to help secure the business and opportunities for staff for the next four years,” Mr Rutherford said.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this package to our employees at a time when we are focusing on building our business and competitors are confirming their intention to cut back.

“We thank our staff for their patience and support, particularly over the past few months, through a negotiation period which has seen us face extremely strong union opposition with a sustained and misleading campaign.”

Key elements of the new agreement include increased pay rates across the board of at least five per cent, an increase in minimum shift length from three hours to four hours, significant long service recognition, and broadening of eligibility for specialist duties payments.

“We look forward to the agreement being approved by Fair Work Commission, and providing back pay to staff to the nominal expiry date of the previous agreement, which was 19 February 2017,” Mr Rutherford said.

“Our staff have always been incredibly supportive, as past EBA ballot results have shown, and we are extremely pleased to have once again reached a positive agreement with our team.”


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