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Carbridge media statement on ABC misinformation

Aerocare, on behalf of its independently managed affiliate Carbridge, confirms that on 25th April a bus it operates at Sydney Airport suffered a contained fire in its engine bay. No one was hurt and there was no interruption to traffic flows or customer service.

Carbridge personnel followed all correct procedures, including notifying the NSW Office of Safety and Transport Investigation (OTSI).

Subsequent investigations by Carbridge, an independent assessor, and OTSI found the fire was a one-off event and the OTSI representative has recommended that no further investigation is warranted and has released the bus from quarantine for repairs.

All mechanical and service records were also checked and reported as being well kept and up to date and neither the independent assessor nor the OTSI representative had any broader concerns relating to Carbridge’s operating and maintenance practices.

Subsequent to the event, the ABC’s 7.30 Report has again reported various baseless allegations on both the bus incident and Carbridge’s operations, which are summarily rejected by Carbridge.

The story relies on the hearsay of two unidentified purported employees of the company, one of which Aerocare understands was dismissed by Carbridge for willful misconduct. Their claims are all demonstrably false. For example – records clearly show no-one was rostered to drive Bus 33 as alleged on the date of the earlier fire and the bus had never previously been issued any relevant defect notice. Importantly, the reporter made no enquiries into what the outcome of the most recent official OTSI review had been before posting this sensationalist attack.

A number of Carbridge employees complained to management that they had received unsolicited calls from the ABC in relation to this incident. As a result, the company sent a text to all employees advising them not to take calls from media.

The malicious and fabricated nature of these allegations is consistent with the 7.30 Report’s biased approach over the last month where it has presented Aerocare with a variety of allegations that have been fully rebutted. It is disappointing that 7.30 has consistently chosen to ignore facts and instead focus on reporting misinformation and union propaganda.

Carbridge has an outstanding 20 year record of providing specialist airport bus services, with safety at the heart of its culture. The Company operates under highly scrutinised and monitored contracts with Australian airports and is ISO9001 certified. Carbridge is fully compliant with the award and has a strong safety record.


Media Contacts:  Peter Brookes, 0407 911 389 or Helen McCombie 0411 756 248 – Citadel-MAGNUS

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