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Media Statement: Aerocare Enterprise Agreement

Aerocare is one of the largest of more than 30 aviation services businesses in Australia.

Last week, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) rejected Aerocare’s proposed CA17 Enterprise Agreement, which would have replaced the current CA12 arrangement.

This was despite CA17 being approved by an overwhelming 83% of eligible employees, making it one of the most popular agreements in the industry.

The FWC’s decision to reject CA17 was partly based on the fact that only permanent staff could vote on it, rather than also including a relatively small number of casuals, along with three readily addressable objections.

These three objections related to the option of split shifts for employees who wanted more work (a feature present in all prior Aerocare FWC approved enterprise agreements, along with many competitors), the value of car parking and the calculation of weekend and penalty rates. The FWC indicated all three issues could likely be resolved with more information or undertakings.

Aerocare will continue working with stakeholders to find a satisfactory outcome, noting that Aerocare has always, and will always, operate on a valid enterprise agreement with workers.

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