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We have a No Smoking Policy whilst in company uniform. If you are a smoker, are you prepared to work an entire shift without the need for a cigarette?:
As part of Aviation Safety Legislation, it is a requirement for all personnel working in safety sensitive areas to undergo drug and alcohol testing for 1) Pre-employment, 2) Post-incident/accident, 3) Reasonable suspicion, and 4) Random selection testing. To be considered for employment with us, job applicants are to present for pre-employment drug and alcohol testing with an approved laboratory, and provide a negative test report to us during the selection process. Pre-employment testing is conducted at the candidates expense and approved testing laboratories will be emailed to you upon submission of this application. Are you prepared to undergo pre-employment drug and alcohol testing and be a willing participant in drug and alcohol testing during employment with us?:
Have you returned a confirmed positive alcohol and/or other drugs test result whilst employed by an aviation related employer? If yes, you will require evidence of having undertaken comprehensive assessment; having completed any recommended therapeutic program; having obtained negative AOD testing; and having been cleared 'fit-for-duty' by a medical review officer:
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The information provided in this form is fundamental to our determination as to whether you are a suitable, experienced and fit person to perform the inherent requirements of the role to which you have applied. The contents of this application form constitute material representations to Aerocare Flight Support Pty Ltd and as such, any false, misleading or otherwise incomplete answer to the questions contained in this form will constitute a material misrepresentation or nondisclosure and constitute grounds on which Aerocare may, at its absolute discretion, terminate your employment summarily.